Is it CRAZY to Expect to Get Reasonable Pay at a Nonprofit?

imageI’m excited about this post; I’ve been thinking about coming home and writing this all day. In a lot of ways, this post will be a follow-up to yesterday’s post about some of the major hurdles for international fundraising, but it approaches the topic from the opposite direction.

In Nonprofitlandia, one of the things that is fascinating to me is the expectation for “every dollar” or “97 cents on the dollar” to go to “the program”. A donor wants to know that the donation they make is doing the most good, and they want to hear “Yes Mr Donor, we work very hard to keep our overhead costs low so that 95 cents on the dollar of your donation goes to support such-and-such.” I’m about to ask what will probably be a controversial question, so hear me out before you start casting stones. Does keeping overhead costs low translate into “doing the most good?”

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Major Hurdles with International Fundraising (and how to avoid them)

imageSo, your heart beats for activism, but your not entirely sure what you want to do with that passion inside of you. The sexiest approach would be to hop on a plane and go visit some developing communities in Africa or Asia or South America and come back with a video of a story that paints you as a humble activisty savior who happens upon an inspiring situation who can now motivate the nation to help bring water/peace/freedom/expression/etc to a tribe/village/city/nation/continent. Although I’m a big fan of local activism, I’m not here to discourage anyone from pursuing their dream. However, there are definitely some huge difficulties in starting an international campaign like this, and you should be aware of a few things before proceeding. Let’s look at some of them.

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We’ve Saved the World – Now What?


Congratulations everyone! Give yoursleves a hand, let’s slap each other on the back, our work is OVER.

We’ve done it; Aids: Cured. Global Warming: Cooled. Unsustainable Fuels: Sustained. Child Soldiers: Home. War: Peaced. Lost Planes: Found.

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